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Elevating Diversity through Athletic Excellence since 2003: West Coast Tamils Sports Club – Uniting Communities, Igniting Sporting Passion.

About Us

Step into the vibrant heart of West Coast Tamils, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia, Canada. As a dynamic sports club, we proudly engage in a myriad of athletic pursuits, boasting four Cricket divisions in the esteemed BCMCL Cricket league, alongside Badminton, Volleyball, Soccer, and our annual Track & Field Sports meet.

Beyond the thrill of competition, we’re dedicated to nurturing talent and fostering a spirit of excellence within our diverse community. Committed to inclusivity, we extend our arms to all, including our esteemed elders, as we endeavor to broaden our impact and services.

At West Coast Tamils, our doors are wide open, welcoming one and all with warmth and enthusiasm. Join us, and together, let’s carve a legacy of unity, athleticism, and shared achievement.”

Our Programs

Our program encompasses Cricket, Badminton, Basketball, and Volleyball, with Soccer soon to be announced. Yet, our journey doesn’t end here; we’re continuously expanding to embrace new horizons.

With five teams in the BCMCL league, we extend a warm invitation to new players, encouraging them to join our club and be part of our winning spirit.

Launching our weekly indoor basketball practice, we witness growing interest from youth, adults, and kids alike. Join us as we dribble, shoot, and soar to new heights together!

Join us every week for our inclusive indoor badminton practice, welcoming men, women, and kids alike. Together, let’s serve, smash, and celebrate the joy of the game with open arms.

“As we gear up to launch soccer and volleyball, your support fuels our ambition to excel. Together, let’s kick-start a new era of athletic prowess and spike our way to success. With your backing, we aim to create thriving communities on and off the field, where every player finds their passion and purpose.

On behalf of Club West Coast Tamils, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed sponsors. Your unwavering support has been instrumental in bringing our vision to life and fostering community spirit. With your generous contributions, we are able to provide enriching experiences and opportunities for growth to our members. Thank you for standing by us and being key partners in our journey towards success and unity.

Our Team

Guiding the Game, Crafting Champions: Meet Our Board of Directors!




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Throughout the year, West Coast Tamils Club is dedicated to promoting a vibrant array of cultural festivities, showcasing our rich heritage through music, dance, and traditional cuisine. From colorful festivals celebrating Tamil New Year to spirited cricket tournaments that unite our community in friendly competition, our club fosters a strong sense of camaraderie and pride. As we look ahead, anticipation builds for our upcoming cultural showcases and sporting events, where members and guests alike come together to celebrate our shared identity and passion for Tamil culture.

At our sports club, we transcend the boundaries of traditional athleticism. Beyond sports, we host vibrant musical programs, exhilarating track and field events, and enchanting dinner and dance evenings. Our commitment to entertainment ensures that the excitement never ends, offering our members a rich tapestry of experiences to enjoy.